From Africa to the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific too, Roy “Gramps” Morgan has performed for sold out stadiums around the world with his 4 siblings, the other members of the internationally renowned reggae band, Morgan Heritage. After nearly three decades together, collectively solidifying fan bases in almost every continent on the planet, releasing 10 albums and 3 DVDs while performing for millions of people worldwide, Gramps flourished into a successful solo artist.


Codin Murgoci


Jennifer Aster


Ryan Fields


Mihail Cozma


Tour Dates

The next tour is in the works. Check back soon for dates!

Date Location Event Ticket
11/24/2016 Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan Miku Expo
11/24/2016 House of Blues, Orlando FL Yellowcard in Orlando
11/12/2016 New York, NY Download Festival
10/19/2016 Los Angeles, CA Rock am Ring Festival
10/16/2016 Naeba Ski Resort, in Niigata Fuji Rock Festival

New Mixtape

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Gramps Wins A Grammy!

Gramps Morgan wins a Grammy in 2010 as a Producer on the album Before the Dawn by Buju Banton

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METRO-KA? Launches New Album Of The Year

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How To Plan and Organize a Big Event

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